Monday, April 13, 2015

How to create an articile in eduladdder.

The walkthrough

After signing up you can see a screen like this

Click on open notes you will get another page.

If you want to add a university what all are the credentials you are required showing as red And you can see lists of university. After clicking at the link highlighted you will get another page.

Credentials required to add a note are showed in red

Editing notes

Select a university and click on a notes link which is blue in color.
Click I can edit this button showed as red. You will lead to another page. It is an inbuilt editor of idolater if you click in on that page a toolbar will pop up. (Apart from the actual content if it is showing some code means please reload the page).

You can make changes in the manner which you wanted
After making the changes which you want press update button the note will be saved. Editing 20 notes will make the change of error to a column which is asking you to add subjects.

Type the name of the subject which you want to add and press add subject button so that you can add any subjects. After adding subject the page will get refreshed by clicking on show all notes to me will show you the subject which you have added previously.

Click on that link and follow instructions which we have discussed already.

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